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Found it easy and quick ro use this site. Also excellent value.

Ronald Brady
February 23, 2015

very straightforward and easy to use, good value

Debra Thompson
February 23, 2015

Best prices out of all sites I visited

Michael Spinney
February 22, 2015

very good

Lawrence Gibson
February 22, 2015

Website easy to use, selection of several hotels.

Barry Dohner
February 22, 2015


Donald Deblieux
February 20, 2015

Great experience thus far, I just received hotel confirmation. Stayed there last year, and it was dandy.

Rob Burns
February 19, 2015

I love the place. I have stayed for 4 different times. The clerks are friendly. The rooms are clean. The breakfast if really over the top, in my opinion. I am booked to stay again soon.

Curtis Spear
February 18, 2015

Customer service to book my reservation online was very helpful and pleasant.

Gloria Siegel
February 18, 2015

Booking was smooth and fast. Seeing a list of available hotels, their prices,locations and distance from the airport make choosing a lot simpler.

Steve Hyatt
February 14, 2015