How To Get Free Items On Your Cruise.

A couple of weeks ago I posted some free things that you can get from the airlines. This week I am choosing to write about free items you can get from the cruise lines.

Speak to the purser’s desk, they may be able to offer you free items that you forgot to pack such as toothbrushes and some pain relievers. You can also ask if the offer complimentary items such as a deck of cards and stationery.

Most cruise lines offer an onboard library where you can borrow books and or board games. You may have to pay a small fee that you will receive once the book and or game is returned.

Join a complimentary past passenger program. After your first cruise sign up on the cruise line’s website. When you make another reservation on that same cruise line, let them know that you are a past member, they might give you a small gift or passes to an exclusive party on your next cruise.

Avoid the ship’s onboard coffee shops and go straight to the main dining hall. You can avoid paying for the coffee at the shop and have it made for free in the dining hall.

Look at the ship’s itinerary.  You can join talks and demonstrations which will give out samples, some promotional items, complimentary snacks and more. If you volunteer, while participating, you will receive free services. Also go to the on board parties such as the captain’s party where complimentary alcoholic beverages are served.

You can always ask for complimentary items. I was on a cruise to Bermuda and we kept asking for ice cream. They did not have any. Once we docked the crew members found us and showed us they had ice cream. They went out of their way to get it. It was so nice of them.

So there are some ideas to get free items on your next cruise. Just be polite in asking for anything.