Visit your own city!

In this world of viruses and quarantines people may be getting a little claustrophobic. Some people may want to travel, but cannot due to state or city restrictions. Some cities may be opening up soon and you can become a local tourist. Some native New Yorkers may have never climbed the stairs of the Statue of Liberty. Some Texas may have never visited the Alamo. So now, as cities open up, you can become a tourist. 


You may want to check into a hotel to get the experience. You can use our website of to see what great prices we offer. 


When you are in your local city, visit your local tourism office. These offices offers a tourism pass. These passes will offer you attractions for free or reduced prices. 


You can visit national parks. For a small fee, you can camp and relax under the stars. You do not have to spend money on restaurants, you can bring your own food. If camping in a tent is not for you, you can also rent out cabins!


So enjoy some “ME” time in the city you are living in! Have fun in your travels. And Be SAFE!!!!