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so far so good
Added new properties in the mix and more competitive. When we have the early flights we either use off property lots or Holiday Inn. This service is way cheaper than either alternatives. We do not have Uber in Buffalo yet, and I doubt that ride sharing would be any cheaper. I thank you, my wife thanks you and my son who doesn't have to get up at 3 am really thanks you.
It felt good to know that I would have a guaranteed parking space while away for a week, with shuttle service 34-hours (important as my flight was leaving extremely early, and not all facilities had 24-hour shuttle). The process was relatively painless online, the communication was very good - I knew exactly what to expect - and the overall price was certainly competitive. I will use this service again.
Excellent overall.
Better price and availability than other park, sleep and fly websites
The process is quick and efficient!
It was easy to use. And it gave me information about the hotel. Including reviews.
Simple booking
Very accommodating customer service, Carrie was extremely helpful. Her patience , knowledge, friendly manner was so nice .
I have used the site often and it is always wonderful!
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