What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


This Thanksgiving we have a lot to be Thankful for. We have our family, our health and a roof over our head. Some of us have more of things, but all of us have stuff to be grateful for. I am thankful for my family. I still have my parents in relatively good health. I have my husband. I have my children who have my heart. I have friends who are like family and who would do anything if I needed them to help me. I have a job, which in this economy it is a blessing. There is so much to be Thankful for and just appreciate. For example, we got up this morning.  That is a wonderful detail alone! We have food in our house, we have comfort of the heat for the cold nights, we have the love and warmth of the family bond.  I am grateful for the cars and transportation to get me to the family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner.


I could go on and speak about God and all of His wonderful Grace, But I am not. I am just being grateful for the little things in life that we usually do not think about. The air we breathe, the way we wake up in no pain, the food that nourishes us all day, man I can go on for days!


With all the turbulence in the world and people getting upset about what is wrong with other people, just appreciate others and their views. No one is going to be totally agreeable with any opposition, just let them differ from your ideals and they should do the same with you. Be thankful you can appreciate others and accept them for the differences and allow them to be a part of your day.


All i ask for everyone that is reading this is be grateful for this Holiday season. Enjoy the inevitable arguments with your family and friends and appreciate how they affect your life. Treat everything with AWE and respect. Most of all be grateful and appreciate all that you have! Also, be thankful for all the gifts you are given every day!


From our ParkSleepHotels.com family to yours Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!