What is the difference between Passports and Passport Card

A passport card is used for traveling by car or sea. It is a relatively inexpensive personal identification card that is about the size of a credit card, and can be used by traveling by car from Mexico or Canada, or traveling by sea. (Cruising back to the United States from Bermuda or the Caribbean.)

A passport is a travel document issued by the person’s country that certifies the passport holder identification and allows that person to travel to another country. You WILL need to have a passport if you are going to fly to the other country.

Both forms are good for 10 years. The fees for the passport are approx. $135 for people age 16 or over. The fees for the passport card is $55 for people age 16 or over.

Just remember a few things: The Passport Cards are for re-entry to the United States by car via Canada or Mexico, or if you are coming back from a cruise from Bermuda or the Caribbean. You can not use the passport card for flying internationally. You need a passport if you are flying internationally.