Car Road Trip Hacks

Here are some more tips for road trips in the car this summer.


  1. You can hang your tablet off the car’s sun visor and have a makeshift video monitor.
  2. Use cling wrap to cover your drinks to avoid spillage.
  3. Put napkins and plastic utensils in a sandwich bag and keep in the car, So you will always have them in the car.
  4. You could invest in a personal refrigerator to keep items cold for those long drives.
  5. Get a cereal container, line it with a trash bag and you will have an easy garbage container.
  6. Use binder clips and rubber bands to make a DIY cell phone holder in the air vents.
  7. Look for apps that locate available clean public restrooms in the area.
  8. You can also download apps that help you find the cheapest gas stations in the area.
  9. Use an inflatable pool raft in the back seat for sleeping comfortably.
  10. Use old creamer bottles to store some snacks. These could be spill proof also! (unless you hit a pothole).
  11. Get a multiple port charger that will be for all the electronic devices charging.
  12. If you have a half empty jar of peanut butter, add celery or pretzels for a snack on the go.
  13. Bring a portable charger for the dead car battery.  Red to red, black to black.


So here are some traveling hacks for the long car ride.  Have fun and enjoy the ride!