Free things to do at your cruise port

What to do for free at the cruise ports

While you are cruising and in the port, there are some things you can do for free. These things do not cost a thing and you will see the beautiful place up close and personal.


  1. Swim at the beach. You can swim in the ocean, relax on the sand and work on that beautiful sun kissed tan.
  2. Browse the local shops or markets. You can skip the more expensive boutiques or shops and shop in the local markets.
  3. Visit some of the churches in town, you can admire the local architecture and buildings in the area.  
  4. Go to a local concert or listen to the locals playing music on the streets.
  5. Walk the trails. There are some lovely hiking trails and paths you can travel and see the inside of the areas instead of just passing by it.
  6. This is one of my favorite things. Sitting on a park bench and people watch. You can see the culture when watching people.
  7. Walk around the parks, look for statues and other monuments to see about the local history. Tour the city.

So just take a day for yourself and enjoy the local people and festivities. Enjoy the beaches, the churches, locals and more. It won’t cost you a thing and you can see more the the location you are at.