Ideas for making homemade souvenirs

Ever want to have some souvenirs from your trip?  Here are some ideas that you can do to keep your memories of your trip.

  1. Send yourself a postcard from the city you are once a day. When you get home, you can bind them up and have a nice thing to remember with pictures and stamps!.
  2. Use a glass jar and put all your ticket stubs from your vacation into it. It is a nice memory and all the stubs are not scattered around the house.
  3. Use another jar and fill it with sand of the cities you visited. You can label the jar with the city and year you were there. You can layer each city and sand.
  4. Or you can put the sand at the a photo frame or shadow box with one of your favorite pictures of that beach.
  5. On the same idea of the postcards, you can create memento boxes. You can collect items like shells, little pictures, old key cards, maps and more. You can do that with each city you visit.
  6. You can use old maps and place them in frames and hang them where you have been on the wall.
  7. Whatever city you are staying, take a picture in that state. When you get home, Find a map and attach the picture (cut into the shape of the state) and attach it to the map.
  8. Collect some shells from the beach and decorate them to make the shells ornaments.
  9. When you are traveling, find a rock and write what you did that day. Then put it a jar when you get home.
  10. When you are out, make a souvenir penny bracelet. You collect the pennies. Make holes in the flattened pennies, connect them with string and you have a nice penny bracelet.

So here are some ideas for some memories of your trip to keep in your home.