Ideas for Summer Trips

The days are getting longer. The weather is warming up. Pretty soon the children will be getting out of school or graduating. The time is now to plan wonderful vacation for this summer. Here are some ideas to help you plan a different summer vacation.


  1. National Parks are always fun. This year, Yosemite National Park is celebrating it’s 150th birthday. There are national parks in almost every state, So there is not that much travel time.
  2. New England has plenty of bed and breakfast hotels. There are some that offer free parking and free WiFi. (The kids would love that). Picture yourself sitting on the front porch at your hotel breathing in the sea air. Then going for a nice walk on the beach.
  3. Many cities are embracing bike tours around towns. Many cities are creating bike lanes. For example New York City, Citi Bike program is one year old. Go Green and take a bike tour around the city.
  4. Amusement Parks are all over the country. Most amusement parks are so close you can make a day out of it. You can ride all the roller coasters you want. Enjoy the rides, shows and entertainment that the park offers.  You can play games, scream on rides and take silly pictures.
  5. You can visit aquariums and zoos near you.  You can see the newly hatched or born animals or fish. In the aquariums you can see tropical reefs, whales, penguins, sharks and other marine life. At the zoo, you can see lions, tigers and bears (Oh My!).
  6. Go to a Ball Game. Go to your favorite baseball stadium and catch a game. You can go to a major league game or a minor league game. Take a seat, grab a drink, eat a hotdog and enjoy the afternoon or evening game.
  7. Head to the Beach. Enjoy the sand and surf. Soak up some vitamin D, wear plenty of sunblock, and swim with the fish! Some boardwalks offers some shops and food along with ices. Enjoy the day relaxing under an umbrella or get your tan on. And your little ones can look for sea shells.
  8. Go fishing. Enjoy the lakes around your area and go fishing. You can fish on shore or you can row on out to the middle of the lake.


So there are some ideas for your summer traveling season. Get out and enjoy your summer. Have fun!