More Traveling Packing Hacks

Here are some more travel hacks. I know, I know I did some travel hacks already, but you can always try some new travel packing ideas.

  1. When flying with someone else, book an aisle and window seat. Unless the flight is full, usually the middle seat will be empty. And if the flight is full, the person would probably change seats with one of you.
  2. If you do not have a place to charge your phone, the newer TV’s have a USB port in the back of it. All you have to do is plug your charger in the USB port and then the phone. Voila, your phone will charge!
  3. Who wants smelly suitcase and the clothes smell? I don’t and I believe that you do not either. Well, pack your suitcase with dryer sheets, and your clothes will smell fresh the entire trip.
  4. Here is one for the girls! To safely pack you hot flat iron, just sew up a potholder vertically and the bottom and store the hot iron in the potholder.
  5. Are you picking up someone at the airport, most airports offer a cell phone waiting area. Or you can google their flight number. You can see if the flight is on time or they need some more time.
  6. If you are going to buy souvenirs, bring another empty backpack for such reasons.  
  7. The best time to buy airline tickets is 54 days before your trip. That is the cheapest rate at that time.
  8.  Here are a couple of ideas for your passport. Keep a copy of your passport in your email, or on a jump drive. Keep the jump drive close to you. If you lose your passport, you can always pull it up from your email or jump drive.
  9. Pack your dirty shoes in the free shower caps from the hotel. This will keep the dirt from spreading all over your luggage.
  10. Use a paperclip to attach to your luggage zippers to keep them from separating.

So here are some more hacks for traveling. I hope you travel safe and have a wonderful time!