Some Easy Ways to Save for a Vacation

Here are some easy ways to save up for a vacation.

  1. Start a savings account on it’s own. It is easier to have a savings account for vacations by itself. You would be less tempted to take money out of this account.
  2. Bring bag lunches to work and put the money you save from store bought lunches into the savings account.
  3. Use a change jar. Throw all the loose change that you receive all day into that jar. My father collected over $500 in a small jar, change alone.
  4. Use coupons. Some of the big food stores allow you to use the electronic coupons that attach to your savings account and your savings are placed there.
  5. You can have a yard sale and declutter the house and earn money at the same time.
  6. Avoid bank fees which add up quickly, use your bank ATM, not just one that is convenient.
  7. Instead of buying the new DVD or book, go to the library and take them out there. Then place the money you were going to buy the item with into the savings account.
  8. Stay at home and cook dinner instead of going out,
  9. Check at the destinations off season packages, sometimes they will offer discounted rates for off peak
  10. You can book with a Park Stay and Fly Package. You can book one night hotel stay and have up to 14 nights parking at that hotel. So you are not paying the airport fees for parking.

With a little discipline and some effort, you can save up for the vacation you want and deserve!