Some Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thanksgiving Travel Tips


It is November! Autumn is here! The chill is in the air! Get ready for the cool sweater nights. The only hitch is traveling for Thanksgiving. Here are some traveling tips to help!


The Number 1 Tip is to try to plan early. Airlines have cheaper in the beginning of the month as opposed to the end of the month. Sign up for coupons/sales from the airlines, trains and social media (sometimes sales show up faster on social media instead of at the their websites.)


Tip Number 2: Travel light. You may want to ship the larger items to your destination earlier. Some airlines charge for baggage now, so think Less is More.


Tip Number 3: You may want to travel on the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Most people try to travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, try to travel on the days before to avoid the rush!


Tip Number 4: Stay Calm. Traffic happens, slowdowns happen, flight delays happen. Just relax, (I know I have issues with this), everyone is trying to get to their destinations also, and the people are working to try to get you to your destination. The workers do not need any more stress from you and others.


So try and use these travel tips and you should be at your destination shortly! Remember the to enjoy your journey! Once the journey is over, your destination is going to be the best place to be!