Some Ways To Cope with Homesickness While on Vacation

Picture this: You planned out this great vacation. You have the itinerary down to a science. You are so excited to get away and are looking forward to this vacation for such a long time. But when you get there, you get this overwhelming desire to go home. You are homesick. Here are some ideas to help you move through this feeling and get your vacation back on track.


  1. Sometimes the homesickness is nothing more than cultural shock. Try to embrace the new cultures and enjoy the day. Taking time to reflect on this new situation, take a breath and continue on.
  2. Keep and open and positive attitude. Try to think about the things that you will never do again. Enjoy the moment, Enjoy the opportunity you have of doing new things and differences.
  3. Bring some keepsakes with you and when you a blue, look at the photos or items. I suggest make a copy of them, so you have the original item when you get home.
  4. Shop for souvenirs for family and friends. This helps you get your mind off the homesickness and lets you know you will see them shortly.
  5. Create a routine on vacation, maybe eat at the same restaurant. This will help you feel comfortable and help you get a familiar sense of surroundings.
  6. Call home. Speak to family and friends. Hopefully this will help you feel not so alone and they are not that far away.
  7. Treat yourself to something. This will give you a good memory and help you boost your mood.
  8. Take pictures so that you have memories when you get home.

So here are some some things to cure your homesickness. Just enjoy your trip, and try to have fun.