Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Trip

Everywhere we go with leave a carbon footprint from exhaust from cars, planes, buses, plastic bottles, laundry services use gallons of water.  Here are some tips for an Environmental Friendly or Green vacation.


  1. Use a reusable bag, not a plastic bag. Plastic bags last a long time to biodegrade. So carry  bag that can be used time after time.
  2. Pack lightly, every pound adds more gas usage for the place to fly. So pack as lightly as possible.
  3. Take the bus. When you do this, you are not adding to the carbon footprint. Also when you take the bus, you get to speak to the locals.
  4. Pretend that you are home. Shut the lights off. Do not take extra long showers. Do not ask for extra towels when not needed.
  5. Do not drink bottled water. The plastic lingers, as I said before.  A lot of hotels are offering a filtered water system, which you can refill your reusable water bottles.
  6. When hiking, stay on the marked path. If you leave the path, you might destroy the delicate fauna, or endangered plants.
  7. Be in smaller tour groups because they tend to have less of an impact on the environment,
  8. Go on walking/bicycle tours around the city. You will get some exercise and you will not add the carbon footprint also.
  9. Look for the recycling bins. The hotels usually have multiple ones and most cities offer them now.
  10. Use real tableware instead of plastic forks and spoons. Use real glass instead of the plastic or paper ones.  Try not to use straws also.


So there are just a few tips to make your vacation environmentally friendly. You might try to go some of these tips when you get home also.