Tips for traveling with a baby

Plan your seats towards the front of the plane. The back of the plane is louder and is harder to deplane while in the back. Usually the car seat has to be close to the window, so the other passenger next to you will not be locked into the seat for the whole flight.

Most airlines do not let families pre board anymore, so I suggest the one of adults go in the plane first and set up the car seat for the baby. Then in a few minutes you can board the plane with the seat already in place.


Pack more supplies. Hey even though your flight should be a 2 hour one, there can be issues with the plane that might extend your flight. So bring a couple of extra sets of clothes, bottles, wipes and diapers. (For example: weather delays, plane needing gas, and more.) In this case I would rather have more diapers and wipes then less.

During takeoff and touchdown, you might have the child suck on the pacifier or bottle. The change in pressure might bother the baby’s ears.


Try to fly on non peak flight. Sometimes the flight crew are stressed on peak flights. If you fly during the night and baby is sleeping, the flight crew will be less stressed.

So hopefully following some of these tips, you will be able to have a peaceful flight. Please contact the airline and see if your car seat is approved for airplane flights.