Tips on women and traveling

Women and Traveling.



Here are some tips for women traveling abroad.


  1. The best thing to do is bring your own sanitary supplies. If traveling overseas, the prices for those supplies might be more expensive, and they might not have the brand you use.
  2. Drink plenty of bottled water. Sometimes your body can react to different foods, alcohol and fruits.
  3. If you have a tendency to get Urinary Track Infections, you might want to bring your own medication including pain relievers. You can also speak to the pharmacist overseas and they can recommend some medicine that you require.
  4. Check with your healthcare/insurance company to see if you will be covered abroad.
  5. See if you are updated on your immunizations.
  6. Bring all your medicine that you need for the entire trip.
  7. To avoid stomach issues: eat foods that are steaming hot and well cooked. Avoid Ice. Use bottled water for brushing your teeth, Drink bottled water or carbonated sodas. When you are not sure about it, do not eat it.
  8. Bring spare glasses or contacts.
  9. Have a wonderful time!


Traveling should be a wonderful and exhilarating experience. Just make sure you have your supplies for when you need them. You can always speak the pharmacist for any questions that you have. Last of all, have fun!