Tips when your flight is cancelled or delayed

Airlines cancel some flights from time to time. Some reasons are weather related or mechanical issues. Here are some things to do when your flight is cancelled.


Try to fly early. A lot of flight cancellations are due to maintenance issues. Most of the cancellations are due to weather. Severe weather happens increasingly during the day. So if your early flight is cancelled, you can have all day to make another reservation. If your flight is late evening, you might have to wait to the next day to fly.


See how long the delay is. If it is a while or if you cannot get a flight for that day book a hotel room early. Everyone else will try to book the hotels close to the airport too. Try not to get sold out for that evening.


While waiting in line, call the airline, sometimes you can book the flight with the representative on the phone, and they might be more pleasant, than to try to speak the gate person.


Some apps on your smartphone can allow you to find other flights so you can rebook with another airline.


Get comfortable. You might be there a while waiting for the next plane. You can read a book or magazine, or play a game on your smartphone.


Call family members and let them know what is going on and what time your new flight will land.


Just remember you are not the only person with the flight delay or cancellation. Try to be upbeat and realize the airline staff is doing their best to help you in anyway you can. It will be trying, but if you keep you in a good mood, hopefully you will get through it as painless as possible.