Tips with traveling with children

Tips for traveling with children.


I remembering traveling with my parents, brother and sister in a car. The three of us sitting in the backseat staring out the window, sleeping on the shoulder of each other and peace and harmony all around. Then I wake up and I am now the mother in the front seat looking at my stressed husband as we are sitting in traffic. The backseat looks like it will never be in order again, shoes are all over the back of the car, food and snacks are spilled over the children. Blankets and pillows are destroyed because the youngest thought they we monsters and the other children thought it would be great to rip it apart.

So why am I writing about this? I was thinking the next time we go traveling I need a plan. I need something to keep the children occupied and quiet. And what is that you ask? I don’t know.

Of course, some people love the “Smart Phones” and tablets. I do too. Right now I am staring at the phone and I want to touch it, but I am writing this, There are so many educational apps that children can play and use to create an educated child. But I do not want my children to become a phone “Zombie”. You know what they are, the people just walking around staring at their phone and walking into other Zombies. Allow them to play for a certain amount of time.

So what else can you do? I know, DVDS, and movies. That may be good for a short trip, but how many times can you listen to songs you hear all the time at home? And what will they all agree on? Same rules apply for times.


I know coloring books, but the kids need tables to color on. So we can get little travel desks and their own crayon boxes. Books and more books are good, I used to read novels on family trips. You can also download audio books from the library and play them off your tablet or MP3 player. (Bonus Tip, try not to get a really sad book, I cried so bad listening to one book, I had to pull over.)


Then I was thinking of the children’s safety. What if they get lost? You can find children’s locators. They can wear it like a watch or a necklace. Ok mind at ease for this one.


Try not to give the children a lot of candy. You do not want the kids hyper and wanting to run around when they are strapped in a car seat.


Always keep Wipes Wipes Wipes and Sanitizer always with you.

I try to pack an extra set of clothes for everyone and keep them in a bag with me. Just in case someone gets sick or is really dirty. (You never know).

Think about parking at a hotel, then flying out and at the end of the trip come back and get the car,