Top 10 Beaches in the United States

YES! It is summer. What do you do in the summer? Yes catch those waves and sun. Time to go swimming at the beach. Here is a list of some great beaches in the United States.

  1. Isle of Palms South Carolina, The beach has Turtle Teams which monitors and records the number of hatches each year. IOP offers miles of sandy beaches. Come and beachcomb today.
  2. Let’s go to San Diego California. The Coronado Beach to be exact. The climate is great all year round. Clean beaches and mild surf are reasons to visit this beach.
  3. Cape May, New Jersey. There is so much to do in Cape May, even off season. There are festivals, historic places to visit and so much more.
  4. St. Augustine, Florida. These beaches are not crowded and the water is calm. Take a walk through the cobblestone streets to see the beautiful architecture of the colonial homes.
  5. Nantucket Massachusetts.  This beautiful beach city offers quaint cottages, mild waters and a picturesque view of the waters.
  6. Virginia Beach, Virginia, This family favorite is great for beach lovers. Enjoy the boardwalk and swim with these moderate waves,
  7. West Beach Alabama, this six miles stretch of lovely beach gets less populated the more you go west. Enjoy the white sands and enjoy the bathtub temperatures of these calm waters
  8. Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama. Play, swim, kayak in the blue waters of Alabama Gulf Shores. Plus there are plenty of waterparks nearby.
  9. Long Beach Washington, this boardwalk beach offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. You can dig for razor clams. You and the kids will love exploring Lighthouses along the shore.
  10. Ocean City, Maryland. Enjoy miles of beach and another boardwalk where you can shop to get out of the sun. Swim, surf and fish in this fantastic waters of Maryland.


So there you have it. A top 10 list of U.S. Beaches that are around the corner or a quick trip. Don’t forget to make your hotel and parking reservations through