Vacation ideas before the children go back to school

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Do you hear that? Summer vacation is almost over. Most schools in the south start going back to school early August. But fret not! Here are some vacation ideas you can still do before they go back to school.


  1. Beach days! You can rent a hotel for the some nights and go to the beach or shore. If you plan to stay during the week the hotels are a lot cheaper!
  2. Rent that car and go on that road trip you wanted to go. Find the largest ball of twine. Or see the St. Louis Arch. Wherever you go, this is your family time and enjoy it.
  3. Do non traditional summer places. For example, Hotel resorts in the mountains may offer zip lines that may be cheaper than traditional summer vacation spots.
  4. Visit State Parks. Go fishing, swimming, boating and more in the state parks.
  5. Amusement parks are fun! Plan a vacation hitting the amusement parks. Some offer cheaper rates during the Labor Day weekend.
  6. Visit historical sites. Make a trip to visit states capitals and museums. It helps to see the historical site that the children learn throughout the school year.
  7. Visit a dude ranch. You can go horseback riding, also camping, boating, rodeos, hiking and so much more.


So here are some ideas that you can go and do before the children go back to school. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer vacation.