Ways to Save on Airport Parking





I was searching on the internet and I was looking to avoid the long term parking at Newark airport. I found some interesting 

deals for something called Park Stay Fly deals which is a real money saver. You would stay at the hotel for one night, take the shuttle to the airport and then when the trip is done I take another hotel shuttle back to the hotel to get the car.  I like the idea of resting at the hotel the day before and not having to drive to the airport the day of my trip and be aggravated with traffic, trying to find a parking spot then navigating through the airport.





Now my interest was peaked. I called a few of these online networks. The representative stated that the prices were correct.  For the price of the hotel stay, my car is parked at the hotel and is not going to be moved. Now some hotels offered less parking days than I needed, but for a few dollars per night, I can keep the car there. I was impressed. Let me think about this, no traffic worries for me, can rest the night before and I have the shuttle to take me to and from the airport.  There are a bunch sites like these park stay and fly deals on the website, and but I could not get in touch with some of the other ones, at least with the above I spoke to customer service representatives.


    There are other ways of saving on airport parking. You can always check online at coupon sites,  the airport  website and newspapers for discount coupons.  You can check with your travel membership companies and see if there are any coupons that are offered. It may take some time, but you can find the best coupons. Some airports offer frequent parker discounts and specials if you use the service multiple times.


Of course you can have someone drive you to and from the airport. That might be great for some people.  But if you are driving from another state, it might be too stressful for the driver. You also can take a taxi to and from the airport, but this article is to see how to save money.  You can ride a bike to some airports, but what if you have luggage?


So there are always some ways to save on airport parking.