What does Travel Insurance Cover?

Does Travel Insurance cover bad weather?


Weather is unpredictable. With that said, you in your travels can get caught up in bad weather situations. Here are some things that travel insurance covers. Travel Insurance can cover coverage for unforeseen problems. If weather or illness forces the cancellation or interruption of the travel plans, you might face the loss of non refundable payments or medical expenses that might not be covered by general medical insurance.


Travel insurance can cover bad weather incidents such as severe flooding and your resort is flooded out and your trip is cancelled. If your trip is stopped because of a mandatory evacuation of the area or your home is damaged. If you seek medical care because you were injured during a severe weather emergency. If you have to be evacuated to move to higher ground. If you have to wait out the weather at a hotel until your flight is rescheduled.


Make sure your travel insurance includes hurricane coverage. Some general travel insurances does not cover it. If you are traveling during hurricane season, make sure your travel insurance is covering hurricanes.


Some insurance have different levels of coverage. Make sure the insurance you are taking out covers what you need in their description of coverage.

The best advice is do you homework for any travel insurance. Some offer different coverage for a family than a single person. Look at multiple insurance companies, ask many questions. Find the one that fits your needs.