Why Cruise?

I was thinking about cruising the other day. Why cruise? Why not just fly to your destination? What is the big deal about cruising? Well let me tell you some things I found out.


While cruising to your destination, you can relax and lounge on the deck, dance the night away in the club, maybe watch a show and or movie. You can sign up to do activities that the cruise director plans for the day.  (Hmmm not cramped in a tight seat on a plane).


FOOD! You can eat all the time on cruises. Besides your breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can have snacks during the day and a midnight buffet. Some offers barbeques during the day, themed late lunch buffets. (Whoa!….I can eat all the time….BONUS for me).

If you cannot afford the balcony rooms, some cruise lines have virtual portholes. So the room does not seem as closed in. You can enjoy the views from the windows.

Some cruise lines offers slides, 4D theaters, live shows, bowling alleys, shuffleboard, spas. outdoor activities like rock climbing, water slides, surfing and zip lining, and famous restaurants. You can do activities that the cruise ship offers.


When sailing into the port, you get to see 360 degree breathtaking views of the area that you cannot see from the airplane. You can see the inside of canals or mountains or locks etc. While out to see you can see marine life such as dolphins and depending where you are sailing whales etc.


Of course each cruise line offers different activities. Please check with the cruise line and figure out which one has what you are interested in. Some may have a zip line that you would like to try. Some may have that water coaster that the kids might want to try. Just check with the cruise line to see what they offer.